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Posto Ichiban!

2 nights ago I arrived in Kashimo village at my new host “Mori no ie” [House of the Forest] with the Morimoto family. Masa is the husband, Rie the wife, and 2 children; Yuta is 3 years old, Kata is 7 months. It is simply beautiful here! The house is 150 years old, has 12 or 13 rooms, over 70 sliding doors. They are using permaculture techniques to grow a huge variety of vegetables, herbs, rice, fruit, flowers, shiitake mushrooms, etc. They have chickens, a mini-pig and a fish pond that they raise a type of trout in. There is a small Natural Food shop in the front room of the house. They also have a food preparation license and the wife, Rie-san [Ree-eh], bakes cookies, cakes, muffins, and other things to sell in the shop.


My first days here were pretty crazy though! The Morimoto’s helped to organized a movie showing about a Nuclear facility that is opening in northern Japan. Over 400 people attended, many of them came because they read his blog : http://maasan.blog19.fc2.com/ . So anyway. Many of his friends were also staying the night with us in the house. We had a huge extravagant dinner. One family brought homemade natural yeast rye bread. We drank homemade organic beer, some Italian beer, 20 year old sake, and shochu, waaa! The next day I helped a group of his friends build a movable solar panel system. For lunch Masa-san showed me how to identify many edible wild grasses, herbs, and tree buds. This is the first time I’ve eaten the new spring buds from trees. Oh, I hear the beer popping, it’s time for dinner! be back later!

Blessing the ground for new construction! we bless this ground
Masa teaching me where to cut a wild plant. picking wild plants

more to come from mori-no-ie…


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