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WWOOF’ing at Shalom no Mori

Two weeks ago I was WWOOF’ing in Sori, Gunma-ken, Japan at Shalom no Mori [Forest of Shalom] with the Komoriya Family. Husband Hiro, wife Reiko, Karen & Andi daughters, Ryoma & Takuma sons. Their business is Forestry and Trout fishing. They were fairly organically minded so all the rice, vegetables, beer and wine were organic. Yay! Most of my work involved chopping wood and going with Hiro-san into the mountains to move logs. We also built many shelves to go into their new log cabin. WWOOF’ers stayed in a small cabin about a 5 minute walk from the family house. WWOOF’ers cooked 3 meals a day. Breakfast and dinner for the children also. The first 2 days I was there I spent all day fixing their fleet of mountain bikes that had been severly neglected. I had to adjust the derailiuers and reset the limit screws, adjust the brakes, straighten a few bent rims, and patch all the flats. It’s a gift and a curse to be able to fix things, hehe. Hiro-san taught me how to fish for trout with bait and I caught a large rainbow trout! Rainbow Trout are not native to Japan but sometimes people release these for fishing. Hiro-san does not do this, but I was fishing down stream of his property.

OK, photo time!
Camping by the lake near Sori Eki, Gunma-ken.
Camping by the Lake near Sori Station! Long exposure of me in my Hammock, and my silhouette lit with a flashlight.

Video of me chopping wood!
Goodbye host and wwoof'ers!
From left to right: Reiko, Hiro, Me, Quentin (French wwoofer), and Bob (American wwoofer)
Stopped to have lunch under the Sakura.
I spent one of my days off canoeing around the lake near Sori. I had lunch, read a book, wrote post cards, and fell asleep in the canoe while the wind drifted me back to the landing. Mmmm. Sakura!
Kim-chiii and the French metal-head.
Screwing around in the wwoofer cabin.

I have more pics from here that are apparently not uploaded, ja mata.


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