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Back in Japan.

I am alive and well. The communist threat from the north has past. I safely crossed the red zone of Swine flu (ham zone?) in Japan (Osaka stores sold out of masks a few weeks ago) and I’m now safe in Gujo Hachiman again.

I thought I was going to Hokkaido in a couple weeks… but that maybe changing to Okinawa. It’s great to not have rigid plans sometimes. I do like to have some general directions in mind though. I find the more I’m meeting really good people the more options I have of going to work and stay with friend’s of friends (and go in knowing that i’ll be staying with cool spiritually minded people.) So I may ditch the official wwoofing for a bit and see where this string of connections takes me. It’s taking me into situations where I have to push myself to understand more Japanese. No english translators around makes me have to intently concentrate on a person. Some how, magically, I tend to understanf the jist of things. I understand a word here, a word there. I understand the topic we’re discusing, and my imagination fills in the rest. Though, if my mind wanders and I’m not present I can become completely lost and confused in the blink of an almond shaped eye. Sometimes the Japanese I’m speaking to also feel this connection.. maybe they’re able to understand me when I’m explaining some large concept, and I only used 3 wisely chosen words, and a couple hand gestures. These people comment that we’re using heart to heart communication. That people don’t really need words (although it’s difficult to understand jokes from the heart (or maybe I’m only laughing on the inside))… Whatever kind of freaky japanese, english, heart, brain, mouth, ear, hands conversation is happening… it usually works! (It always eventually works, but an hour long conversation about the proper way to open a jar of peanut butter is daunting, especially when you’re hungry for peanut butter!)

Anyway, here’s some photos and videos from South Korea!

Sea sickness.
-This is actually in Shimonoseki, Japan (from here a ferry to S. Korea is $70 one-way.) Across the straight is Kyushu, the southern main island of Japan.

Yet another damn japanese temple. "yadjt"
-A temple in Shimonoseki, Japan. (I’m getting to Korea, just hold on!)

Korean lantern space
-Lanterns hung up near a Buddhist temple in Busan, South Korea.

-Underground shopping area (and a cafe with internet I used to look up how to speak Korean) in Busan. There were lots of really huge underground shopping streets. Usually the junkey knock-off stuff was down here, but there were spaces with hand-made art mixed in as well. I guess it’s hard to make money selling art, so the artists are forced underground with the junk men and con artists… an unfortunate association that seems plague (or free?) artists everywhere.

Caution: Giant bell will dystroy ears.
-Large… bell house? in a big park in Busan. Lovely colors.


-Making hemp gyoza (pot stickers) at Asa nomi bakery.

-Me fucking around on a Cambodian instrument at a museum in Busan. At the beginning on this video I say “you’re welcome” to a Korea guy who had just thanked me for helping him learn to play the didgeridoo.

-Me trying to play didgeridoo and the bells together. sounds pretty shite. You should fast forward to the 2:30 mark to hear me playing a didge solo!

Goodnight! [oyasumi nasi!] See you later! [mata ne!]


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