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Okay okay. I’m back in Amerikuuuhh. Amami Oshima!

So I made it back! I actually came back! I’m surprised too. I’m now in Oregon working with a cool guy to get his farm started. Working in the garden, working on new gardens, and working on various construction and destruction projects. I’ll get to that later though… let me try to retrace my steps.

So… Amami Oshima. What a ridiculously hot and beautiful place that was! I was able to volunteer at the total solar eclipse festival there. That meant working for a week getting every thing set up in the blazing heat. We had more break time than work time, usually. People who worked under trees for shade slowly moved their work in orbit around the trees as the sun arced through the sky. From 12-3 all was silent. everyone clung to the shade, tried to sleep, or at least rest, and prayed that the ocean breeze find them.
We Hung out under the shade of palm trees. From Spain, Belgium, Greece, Germany, Russia, France, Turkey, Australia, South America, South Japan, North Japan… some people from just the other side of the island. It was a good wave of energy we were riding together. Many of us found ourselves randomly drawn to this place on an impulse. With not much time to plan we found our selves riding a ferry or an airplane. With that feeling of suspension every nerve in your body experiences the sensation of travel. Suddenly you’re going somewhere far away. Somewhere separated by enough time and space to be perhaps, vastly different.

Alice-chan. Mendokusai girl!
Ferry to the Mountain Tropics.
Ferry to Amami Oshima
Ferry friends. I wouldn’t have gone to the festival if I hadn’t met these kids.
Constructing main stage at eclipse festival.
Constructing main stage!
Spring workin' her body.
And later, dancing under the main stage.
Susumu serves the takoyaki with grace and style.
I really love Takoyaki. Grilled octopus balls! Served on a shrimp cracker with mayonnaise. I ate so many of these! The owner started giving me freebies and I helped him translate his signs into english for like 8 balls. Some of you may not know, but that’s a lot of octopus ball. I need that recipe.

My friend Diana eating Takoyaki in Amami. Photo by Goto Mah
Almost gone.
The Moon’s shadow is doing it’s thing.
Moon eats Sun.

I could write so much more about this island experience… but for now, I’m going to move on. I some nice videos I shot here, so I’ll be sure to cover it later.


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